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Catch and Release

- Criminal Addition -

JULY 1, 2019

This date should scare the law abiding citizens in the state of Missouri.  July 1, 2019 - the day anyone arrested in Missouri will be booked in and then released back into your community to create more chaos and wreck havoc on law abiding citizens. 

Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Zel Fischer put out the following statement January 31, 2019 concerning a court rule that will go into effect July 1, 2019:

"We all share a responsibility to protect the public-but we also have a responsibility to ensure those accused of crime are fairly
treated according to the law, and not their pocket books. First the court must start with non-monetary conditions of release and only assign bail if needed."

There is no law that allows a person to be arrested because they are poor, people are arrested because they allegedly committed a crime. In other words, the courts are experimenting with the public's safety.

Make a phone call to Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Zel Fisher (573-751-4375 and/or 573-751-4144) and tell him you thought Judges were suppose to enforce the laws set out by the legislation, not look the other way, especially on a "rule" that has not been signed into law by our Governor, nor voted on by the people of this great state.

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